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Chicken Biryani Home Delivery

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In the mood for Chicken Biryani? You’ve come to the right place! By entering your address above, you can see local restaurants that are ready and waiting to deliver Chicken Biryani right to your doorsteps. Just enter your address, peruse the menus of the restaurants available in your area and select Chicken Biryani prepared just as you like it. You can also add other dishes, delicious desserts and refreshing beverages to your order to make your Chicken Biryani meal something truly special.

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Chicken Biryani is a very traditional dish that combines succulent pieces of chicken meat with aromatic spices and fluffy rice. In past times, the rice used would be long grain brown rice or Zeera Samba rice, though today, basmati rice is the most common variety. So many different flavours can be added to Chicken Biryani to give the dish its unique and inspiring taste. Flavours like ghee, nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and bay leaves may be added - as well as the fresh and zesty flavour of fresh herbs like coriander, mint and ginger. The dish is cooked over a base of the classic combination of onions and garlic, to give it a rich and tangy flavour.

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